Are you curious about which wellness goal to pursue next, and exactly how you'll get there?

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Kind Words from Clients

Kathy Damas is an incredibly good listener and encourager. After two sessions with her, I was able to make positive changes for my health, and this time the changes have begun to work for me in a way that never before seemed possible. While she did not dictate a particular plan, she helped me explore my goals and figure out for myself what would be helpful. Very empowering.
— K. S.
It’s very helpful for me to have agreed to be accountable to Kathy and it’s motivated me to do something active. Her responses are supportive and kind.
— M.N.

A Free Gift for You

To gain clarity, Pro/Con lists are good, but this is better.

Have you ever felt "on the fence" about a decision? Unsure about whether to make a change or *exactly* how you feel about your options? I've been using this tool personally and in my practice and I'm excited about how clarifying it can be.

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